Friday, December 2, 2011


This week was all about parenting. What stuck out to me the most were the different type of parenting styles. The first is Autocratic, or Authoritarian. This style is well known for being strict, giving children pressure and few choices of their own, and giving direction. In this type of parenting, The child usually chooses to rebel against their parents or receives no responsibility, and as a result, doesn't learn to take care of themselves. The second parenting style is known as Permissive. These parents usually want to be their child's best friend and gives little to no discipline. Their children tend to be attention-seeking and wonder if their parents ever really cared about them. The third parenting style is Active, or Authoritative. These parents usually have a great balance of control and choices for their children. Of course, children in this situation tend to be most stable and well adjusted. Parents will listen to their children and give them choices, but will also give consequences and discipline when needed. These parents show love and respect to their children, while still maintaining control and respect from them.

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