Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Culture

This week in class, we discussed a great deal of culture and the different types of culture that everyone belongs to. There are so many different types of culture and we often find ourselves judging others on what we think their culture is. For example, we think of where the person is from, their religious affiliation, education, occupation, etc as part of a person's culture. The mistake that people make, including myself, is that they often isolate one of these cultures and base a judgment on that individual culture alone. We all belong to different cultures and they are often mixed due to our various life experiences.

Something I found very interesting that I had never thought of before, is that everyone has their own family culture. No matter we we live or what we believe, everyone has a different way of living, thinking, and doing within their own family. We could all be affiliated with the same church, but think about our church differently because of the family culture we belong to. I have many friends, but if I say something, it could mean something completely different than what they think because that is the meaning my family gives it. It is amazing that every single family has its own individual culture within it, and many people do not even realize it.

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