Saturday, October 29, 2011

Having Children

Research shows that when a couple starts having children, their marital happiness starts to decline. This doesn't happen with all couples, and it often happens to those who least expect it. I found in class that there might be some sort of secret to help prevent this kind of decline. What most often happens when a couple has a child is that the wife starts to have a very special bond with the baby, and somewhat leaves the husband out. The husband will feel under appreciated when the wife is constantly leaving her attention with their child. To avoid having the marriage satisfaction decline, couples need to include the father during pregnancy. A wife can do this by taking the husband to doctor appointments, letting him feel the baby kick, and while the wife is having the baby, the husband and wife should be the only ones in the delivery room. This is a special time for them to experience the birth of their child together, and to bond with the new addition to the family. The couple also needs to make sure to talk to each other. A lot of wives will go to their mom for pregnancy questions and concerns. While this is okay for some things, they also need to include the husband. 
After the baby is born, I think it is important to let the husband bond with the baby. He should be able to change some diapers and feed them. The wife should keep from correcting him while doing it as well. It is most important that the couple continue to date after they have children. This will let them have time to themselves and get to catch up.

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