Friday, October 14, 2011

Family Roles

When most people think of different roles within the family, they tend to point out mom, dad, and kids, as if those are actually roles themselves. The truth is that a woman or man have so many different roles within being a husband and father, wife and mother. A husband is typically the main provider, protector, and will preside over the family. A wife tends to be the caregiver, nurturer, and cook within a family. Children can play different roles as the one who sacrifices for other siblings, the peacemaker, and so forth. Often these roles can change within families. For example, my youngest sister was the peacemaker in my family for a long time. A few years ago, after many of us had left home, she was seemingly out of a job because no one was around to fight. She soon became somewhat of a trouble maker. My parents had to remind her to stay out of trouble. There are many other role that can change in the family as well. Often, a wife and husband both have to take up jobs and provide for their family. Or, if a father is not home much, the mother will take take the leadership position over the family. There are so many combinations and roles that a family can have, and no two families are alike.

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