Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Council Method

I absolutely love the council method. In class, I learned all about the way the church councils and how it benefits everybody. When the prophet and the twelve meet for councils (every Thursday at the Salt Lake Temple) they come early to greet and express love to one another. When it is time to start, they have a prayer to invite the spirit. After this, the brethren will council together using the Lord's will, not their own opinion. The prophet will start, and then each councilor, followed by the twelve, in order. This gives everyone the chance to speak, and if inspired, introduce changes or a new idea. If a change occurs, the men will then start over and make their way around the circle again. Once finished, they have another prayer, and "break bread" with some chocolate.
I love this method. My husband use it, and I find that it helps us to each have a say and calmly work out a current issue or just have some time to plan out a hectic week. I want to continue using the council method as our family grows. I think this will help everyone to grow closer together while teaching our children the importance of respect and orderly discussion.  

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