Friday, November 11, 2011

Family Crisis

In class, Brother Williams taught that there are two words that describe a crisis: danger and opportunity. I found this fascinating because I had never really taken much thought to a crisis within a family. When a family finds themselves in a crisis, they have the advantage to choose to make it an opportunity to grow and learn, or to let it endanger their family relations. There are three factors that go into the experience of a family crisis, known as the ABCX. A is the actual event. Some of these are preventable, some are not. B is the behavioral response to the event. C is the cognition, the way we think or view the event. All these add up to equal X, the experience. Our behavioral response and view on the crisis largely effect each other. Hopefully, we think before we act. This gives the opportunity to think positively about the crisis and find different solutions, not to mention, try to stay positive.
 We also learned that a crisis can be almost anything. From buying a house, to losing a family member, everything depends on how the situation is handled. Hopefully, in the future, I will remember to stay positive and turn dangers into opportunities.

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